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Grundschule 2.

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German secondary education 2. Sonderschule 2. Hauptschule 2. Realschule 2. Gesamtschule 2. Gymnasium 2. Berufsschule 2. The United States educational system 2. Elementary school 2.

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United States secondary education 2. Junior and Senior high school 2. Universities and colleges. Conclusion 3. General Differences 3.

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Accessibility 3. Impact on secondary education. In the beginning of the year the so called PISA program for international school assessment - study was published and created substantial discussions among the German educational professionals.

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This was related to a disappointing result of German students who marked below average. It is supposed to show the academic abilities of fifteen-year old students of 32 different industrial nations. All different school forms that exist for this level of age are part of the survey. German students performed poorly, ranking between 20 and 23 in reading literacy among the 32 participating nations.

American students generally did better. In comprehensive reading skills they ranked 15, in mathematics 20 and in natural science After personally having experienced the American and the German educational system, it was of my interest to structure, compare, and interpret the two different systems and to define strength and weakness. Every national educational system focuses on defined targets. All nations, however, have one thing in common: After completing the educational curriculum every student should be able to have knowledge of basic reading, writing and mathematics.

Germany being one the leading industrial nations in Europe, has the reputation of being one of the leading edges in technological progress in the world and has played a very important roll of the economic development of the western hemisphere. Germany is also said to be the nation of thinkers and musicians.

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Assuming the reader of this essay already has at least superficial knowledge of the educational system, I now will shortly explain the most important structural elements of the German educational system beginning with the Kindergarten. The German educational system starts of with the so called Kindergarten. Parents may decide whether their children should attend this institution and for how long before attending primary school at the age of six. At this level of education children are rather to mature socially than academically. Starting at age six German kids are enrolled to the Grundschule.

Similar to the American elementary school Grundschule consists of four years.

The children usually have one class teacher that teaches all subjects except for physical education, religious education, music and common art. After completing elementary school children usually get a recommendation of their teacher which school-form to attend after Grundschule depending on their overall academic performance.

After elementary school the German school system differs enormously from the American education. Secondary education is what makes the German school system so complicated compared the educational systems of other countries. This decision determines the further vocation in life.

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Sonderschule is a special school created to help mentally and physically disabled children who did not show sufficient progress in elementary school. All of these children get special attention from specially trained teachers. Children with average abilities attend Hauptschule.

Hauptschule was created for children who have already shown difficulties with the curriculum during elementary school. After having successfully completed 10th grade children receive the so called Hauptschulabschluss, which enables them to progress with a vocational education or a apprenticeship. German students attending Realschule receive a higher level of education. This type of comprehensive school has established itself in the last 25 years of the German educational system because of political reforms. They are considered experimental schools.

Many federal ministries are thinking of reducing the number of Gesamtschulen to a minimum, because of the enormously high number of students applying for Gesamtschule.

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According to a complicated credit system students finish the Gesamtschule with certificates corresponding to levels of the tenth grade of the three traditional schools or attain the Abitur. Students who are to be over perform more than average and intend to study at university usually choose Gymnasium after Grundschule.

These education a minimum of two foreign languages, Latin is still very popular. It strictly focuses on improving academic knowledge. After successfully passing several written and oral exams during 12th and 13th grade students who pass all exams successfully are rewarded with the Abitur. These schools are typically German and can not be found the in American school system.

This school teaches apprentices the basic skills needed for their future job. This education generally includes a part-time practical and theoretical education. Just like in Germany education is a federal issue in the US. Each state has its own specific standards and guidelines. All in all they are based on a common foundation. The school-system of every state is divided up into several school districts which are generally controlled by a school board. The education is financed by fees of these 50 federal communities.

In contrast to Germany teachers can be hired or fired at any time except for professors of higher education who earn tuition after having shown an overall good record for a couple of years. US degrees are automatically granted if the student has passed a sufficient number of classes without always having to surpass an examination.

Students in the United States are expected to begin school at the age of six and enrollment is mandatory in most states until the age of The remaining states require students to attend school until they are 17 or Elementary school begins with kindergarten, but may continue through grades 5, 6, or 8, depending on decisions made at the local federal level. High school typically begins at grade 9 or 10, with middle or junior high schools usually covering the intervening years between elementary school and high school.

Students graduate from high school following grade In some locations a single school may enroll students from kindergarten through grade In America enrolling their kids go to Kindergarten is a parental decision. More than 80 percent of the children in the US attend kindergarten.

The educational system also provides the opportunity of sending their kids to a private pre-school similar to kindergarten before kindergarten. These two institutions are not financed by the government. These kids have a huge disadvantage in abilities, when entering elementary school compared to other children. In the United States kindergarten is usually a half day activity for kids who are at the age of six or seven. Here they learn the alphabet, colors and the elementary basics of every day life. After finishing kindergarten the pupils progress to elementary school.

US elementary school consists of six grades. In these six years the children are taught the basics of reading and writing.