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Lupines, butterflies…what might be the next victim of this invasion? Consider English ivy, popular as a houseplant and also in landscaping.

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As a result, it can outcompete native plants and ruin a healthy habitat that once supported native birds and other wildlife. When English ivy takes hold in a woodland habitat, for example, its fast-growing vines begin to cover the ground and climb up tree trunks. The thick shade cast by its waxy evergreen leaves prevents wildflowers and tree seedlings from sprouting, reducing the woodland floor to a solid carpet of ivy. As the ivy winds up and around the trees, it competes with them for sunlight, too. Its hold-fast roots also damage bark. The sheer weight of the ivy can even pull down branches over time.

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Few birds eat its berries save for nonnative European Starlings, House Sparrows, and a few others. It offers shelter primarily for another invader—the Norway rat. In turn, they created and defined the habitat, providing food and shelter for native birds and other wildlife. Native birds nesting here found an abundant and diverse supply of insects to feed their growing young, and migratory birds stopping over found nutritious fruit to fuel their long journeys.

Now this balance, fine-tuned over millennia, is under siege from plants that did not evolve here—nonnative plants that, without human assistance, would probably never have arrived here. Individuals can play a big role in establishing, protecting, and restoring healthy habitats that are built on a foundation of native plants. In doing so, they can help support birds during breeding season, migration, and through cold winters. Homeowners generally have control over their yards and thus on what lives and grows there.

Thinking of a yard as habitat is key. The same is true of parks and other public spaces.

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Careful choices of native wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and vines can recreate a natural habitat that provides nesting places, food for nestlings, and nutritious food for hungry migrating and wintering birds. Besides the benefits to wildlife and the surrounding habitat, established native plants often require less watering and are more apt to survive and thrive with less intensive and expensive care than nonnative species.

Neighbors and local groups can support efforts to protect, preserve, and restore wild places. That can include advocating for and working with local government entities to raise awareness and identify places that need protection or restoration. Individuals can also organize or volunteer for efforts to remove invasive nonnative plants and replace them with natives in local spaces that are shared by the community. Avoiding or reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides is another step.

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Birds are very closely connected with the environment. They are known to be intuitive about weather conditions that may prevail in the region much ahead than humans can predict it with any forecast methods and instruments. Their monitoring and careful examination is also used as an indicator of the weather conditions. Presence of peacock symbolizes rain and good weather while owls, bats and vultures are said to indicate a bad, unpleasant weather in an area.

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Certain birds are kept near coal mines for the prediction of mine explosion, as birds are sensitive to the release of high levels of carbon monoxide beyond permitted limits and begin to die. Birds are social. Most communication happens through sounds that they make or singing that they do.

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They live in flocks, hunt, breed cooperatively and participate in social behaviors.