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The spokesperson is letting the reader to construct an element of visualization of one fussy march in Birmingham.

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But, you realize plus I, that with peace processions and gatherings come aggression and resentment. Moreover, one more thing that strikes me as a hilarious element is that her mother dresses her daughter in her best attire to go to cathedral with her. Something else that is sarcastic transpires in the 6th stanza. The mother smiled to make out that her child was in the holy place, but that contentment was the final smile to appear on her face.

This stanza is sardonic because if the mother deems her daughter is going to be in a sacred place, why would this be the ultimate moment she would ever smile? First, there is a touch of childishness in the first stanza.

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The little child tries to perform good and childlike to her mother, in the case that her mother could allow her to reach to the march. After that, there is the tone of pleasure in the 5th verse and in the first portion of the 6th stanza. Her mother receives satisfaction and joy in getting her offspring ready to go to Minster.

She is also cheerful that her darling child is going to church rather than leaving to the march. But, if you observe, in the 7th stanza that tone of elation at once converts to angst and lonesomeness.

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The mother does not recognize what to accomplish. The mothers tone in the ending lines of the poem presents the reader a sentiment of unhappiness and culpability. From this finding the mother discerns that she has lost her daughter eternally. The mother refused to let her child march in the wild streets of Birmingham and sent her to the safest place that no harm would become of her daughter.

Going to church in the ghetto in Birmingham was probably the safest place a mother could send her child. But this is where the irony takes place. The irony makes the church the warzone and place of destruction while the march was the safest place to be. The child was depicted as combed hair, freshly bathed, with white gloves, and white shoes, which is also ironic.

Essay on A Historical Look Into the “Ballad of Birmingham

The mother had sent an angel dressed in white to a firestorm from hell called church. The mother was completely sure that her daughter was safe until she heard the explosion.

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