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Here the use of a celebrity can be particularly powerful, especially when the brand is establishing a new category where customers need the reassurance and leadership an appropriate start can give them. Clearly, there are many ways in which 'luxury' and 'modernity' can be expressed in terms of imagery and brand proposition and the use of celebrity is but one of the routes that may be considered. Smart Water ad is an excellent example where the use of Jennifer Aniston has helped create a new brand identity and positioning in a market with strong tendencies to commodity.

In the case of celebrity, the reasoning is that is famous person believes the product is good, you can believe it, too. For the advertising to be effective, however, the tie between the product and celebrity should be clear. In this ad the tie is very clear. Ideally the advertiser decides what meaning the Smart Water should convey that is, who should position the item in the marketplace and then chooses Jennifer Aniston will make a good endorser. The score included level of familiarity with a name and the number of respondents who indicate that a person, program, or character is a favorite.

In sum, the use of ethos is very successful in this advertisement.

In this advertisement, Jennifer Aniston wears sports bra and pants; shows off her tight belly with sweat on it; holds the Smart Water in her hand. The series of actions act like stimulus to excite the customers' brains and make them feel the water is closely coherent with working-out.

The phrase "Workout Partner" is colored blue to expose its coolness to its audience to give them a fresh feeling. The phrase "I drink smart" has two meanings; the first meaning is "I pick the right water to drink", and the second meaning is to emphasize the name of the product: Smart Water. This phrase produces the connection between drinking smart and the product Smart Water to pass people a message: only the smart people drink Smart Water. Certainly, no one think they are stupid, and many of them will become eager to buy the water.

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Therefore, the use of pathos is effective in the advertisement. Summarizing isn't simply the unanalytical reporting of information; it's more than just shrinking words. In this ad, the text below the picture can be seen as the use of logical fallacy because it has no proof to back it up.

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At best, this does very little logical connecting among the parts beyond "afterwards". Summary that is just enlisted tend to dollop out the information monotonously. This omits the thinking that the ad is doing - the ways it is connecting the information, the contexts it establishes, and the implicit slant or point of view.

Most readers tend to get too single-minded about absorbing the information.

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Second, is the advertisement effective in bringing about the proper response that the ad is supposed to bring. Onto the first part: the ad is an excellent ad because it is creative, shocking and effectively delivers an expository message.

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In other words, it is very clear in what it seeks to present. If there was a negative to the ad, it would be that the ad is a bit too expository in its design, but similar ads targeting the cigarette makers were quite effective in terms of changing public opinion about smoking, so perhaps an overly expository message is not as bad as it would seem.

As for the second part, the effectiveness of the ad is contingent on the personal feelings of those who see the ad. Oh well. There will be some people who will take the ad to heart and follow its directives, so to that degree, it can be a successful ad. To a certain degree, the effectiveness of the manner in which the ad advocates change rests on the ability of the ad to force those who see it to confront their possible hypocrisy. While the advertisement is a bit excessive in the manner in which it presents its subject matter and thematic concerns, it is a creative ad that can help sway opinion and drive people to action simply by presented a very bombastic message that is virtually impossible to ignore.

There are a number of different methods in which a specific ideological message can be delivered. A manner of delivery that falls into the category of polite speech is, sadly often ignored. Because of this, bombastic, over the top approach is utilized to deliver the message. While certain individuals will present bombastic messages with no regard to tact, there are those who possess a faculty of creativity that allows them to present a clear message in an over the top manner that will shock people into confronting the truth of the message.

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Of course, the catalogue is printed on paper and there are literally tens of thousands of catalogues printed every year. Ultimately, there needs to be a clear examination as to whether or not this is an effective ad campaign.

First, is the ad great on an aesthetic level and secondly, is the advertisement effective in bringing about the proper response that the ad is supposed to bring. It is effective in the way it throws those conventions out and takes what is supposed to be visually stimulating and turns it into a visual nightmare.

Granted, it is a bit over the top, but it still manages to be effective. The ad is creative, shocking and effectively delivers an expository message. In other words, there will be certain people who put their personal purchasing freedoms above any political or environmental advocacy and have no real interest in the problems of deforestation.

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However, the ad will be successful if it reaches a decent segment of the population and is able to convert a portion or percentage of said demographic. To that degree, the ad can be extremely successful. To introduce the ad 2.