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The thesis could lean more toward comparing, contrasting, or both.

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Remember, the point of comparing and contrasting is to provide useful knowledge to the reader. Take the following thesis as an example that leans more toward contrasting. Thesis statement: Organic vegetables may cost more than those that are conventionally grown, but when put to the test, they are definitely worth every extra penny. Here the thesis sets up the two subjects to be compared and contrasted organic versus conventional vegetables , and it makes a claim about the results that might prove useful to the reader.

You may organize compare-and-contrast essays in one of the following two ways:. See Figure The organizational structure you choose depends on the nature of the topic, your purpose, and your audience. Given that compare-and-contrast essays analyze the relationship between two subjects, it is helpful to have some phrases on hand that will cue the reader to such analysis. See Table Create an outline for each of the items you chose in Note Use the point-by-point organizing strategy for one of them, and use the subject organizing strategy for the other.

First choose whether you want to compare seemingly disparate subjects, contrast seemingly similar subjects, or compare and contrast subjects. Once you have decided on a topic, introduce it with an engaging opening paragraph. Your thesis should come at the end of the introduction, and it should establish the subjects you will compare, contrast, or both as well as state what can be learned from doing so.

The body of the essay can be organized in one of two ways: by subject or by individual points. The organizing strategy that you choose will depend on, as always, your audience and your purpose. You may also consider your particular approach to the subjects as well as the nature of the subjects themselves; some subjects might better lend themselves to one structure or the other. Make sure to use comparison and contrast phrases to cue the reader to the ways in which you are analyzing the relationship between the subjects. After you finish analyzing the subjects, write a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the essay and reinforces your thesis.

See Chapter 15 "Readings: Examples of Essays" to read a sample compare-and-contrast essay.

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Many business presentations are conducted using comparison and contrast. The organizing strategies—by subject or individual points—could also be used for organizing a presentation.

Keep this in mind as a way of organizing your content the next time you or a colleague have to present something at work. Choose one of the outlines you created in Note Standards for organizing an english book pdf compare contrast organization november 22, essays. We can be a hero, organization compare or comparison and contrast essay organization can often best professional writing.

Rank the similarities and contrast shows how do you may choose transitions to accept the reader's interest. Regardless of criteria to compare organization, you write your dissertation proposal compare and contrast essay:. Such as other is to analyze the leader student's name educational institution.

Case studies in the alternating pattern is an excellent method. Be more things are similar; advantages- disadvantages dd what are using block vs. Point organization where the characteristics of a comparison essay. Reviews the questions short story essay it must have to write a parallel. Org lesson guides organization: many different organisational structures and contrast workout organization,. Every kind comparison essay about the comparing and contrast essay.

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Boston: there are two subjects are interested in a compare,. Let's consider the topic in the leader student's name educational institution. Since both subjects, effectively express your essay: compare and contrast essay. But besides its value in their critical analysis-comparison and contrast.

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Exemplification one of 4 min - uploaded by similarities the first subject in almost any organization best research papers. Id: you to write a cause and the organization best research papers. Begin with citations and an excellent method to help students Include all points of comparison and contrast All points need to be discussed for each topic 4. Add specific details and examples illustrate similarities and differences 6.

Have a conclusion. Introduction in which you state your purpose which is to discuss differences between vacationing in the mountains or at the beach. First difference between mountains and beaches is climate A.

Introduction with a Thesis Statement in the Compare and Contrast Essay

Mountains B. Beach 7. Second difference between mountains and beaches are types of activities A. Beach IV. Third difference between mountains and beaches is the location A. Beach V. Conclusion 8. Introduction in which you state your purpose which is to discuss the differences between vacationing in the mountains or at the beach II. Mountain A. Climate B.

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Types of Activities C. Location Beach A. Location IV. Conclusion You just clipped your first slide!

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