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There are open research questions, involving challenging optimization and control issues. This project aims to contribute to answer some of these questions. To explore wind at high altitudes, a growing number of research groups in Europe and in the US have recently been proposing Airborne Wind Energy Systems AWES , mainly using kites or rigid wing systems. In addition, a few spin-off and start-up companies in the subject are emerging. We are hiring! If you have an MSc in Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Computer Science and would like to work in Airborne Wind Energy, at University of Porto, within this project, contact us and check and the full details of the call below.

Workplan: Simulation, Optimization and Control: implementation and testing of kite control algorithms to follow a predefined periodic path.

Porto Supervisors: Fernando A. Computing, pp.

Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment Past Thesis Titles

Energies, 11 3 , February Energy Procedia, , pp. Optimization—based control of constrained nonlinear systems with continuous—time models: Adaptive time—grid refinement algorithms , in AIP Conference Proceedings, 1 , pp.

Predictive Control for Path-Following. Veiga Rodrigues and J. Determining wind turbine power curves based on operating conditions, Wind Energy , 17 10 , pp. Reel—out phase : Energy is generated when cable is unwind.

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Reel—in phase : Power is consumed when coiling back the cable. You are of course also welcome to bring to us your suggestions for a project.

In that case, please contact the staff member working in that subject area. Are you looking for a Master Thesis and have a solid background in Physics and Mathematics? Our group might be then a good choice for you!

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Aeroacoustics is becoming one of the most important challenges for engineers either approaching an industrial or an academic career in propulsion, wind energy and aerodynamics. We have a series of Master Projects available for you in the following subjects:. Together with a growing interests in aeroacoustic studies of students of the Delft University of Technology, the master projects focusing on aeroacoustics are proposed to provide students with a broader knowledge of the noise sources and their measurements in wind tunnels by both lectures and laboratory activities.