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The slides shown in my presentation at Liberit are the slides that the students created. On the actual day of the presentation, students were asked to evaluate each other along with the instructor, for delivery, eye contact, posture, volume, clear focus of the main topic, comprehension of material, reference to the novel, and conclusion. Besides the Power Point slides that the students created, they were also asked to write up what they presented.

A Seperate Peace Literary Analysis

This is so that can review and internalize the approach that they took, and so that they can truly be transformed. Below are extracts from student writing:. Edna Pontellier, the main character in the book The Awakening by Kate Chopin reflects the human psyche in three different aspects.

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The human psyche is composed of three elements: Ego, Id, and Superego. These are respectively the reality principle, the pleasure principle, and the morality principle.

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Throughout the novel, Edna is moved by these three elements; the superego maintains her marriage and her position in society, the ego keeps her relationship with her children and the Id appears when she wants complete freedom with her life…. When the three elements of the human psych, morality-principle, reality principle, and the pleasure principle are balanced, it creates a character who is not either too moral or socially unacceptable or too realistic.

The ego prevents from the id or the superego from being too strong. Edna in The Awakening represents a character whose three elements are balanced at the start but ends up slanting toward the Id to fulfill her desires as a human being. She ends her life by getting ultimate freedom from the society itself, and its components, such as love, life, and marriage. The novel begins in the summer of , roughly half a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The war is heated up. However, the boys at Devon are having fun during the summer session.

"A Separate Peace" Analysis Essay -- Literature Analysis

The summer session is a type of summer school during the war, and it is aimed to let students graduate with degrees before they went into the war. Although the U. The novel proceeds to winter , which is when the war draws near for the boys and become realistic for them. This is because firstly, the boys participate in the railroad snow clearing for the army. Students in the U. Secondly, Leper enlists and decides to join the ski troops. He is inspired by a video shown by the army that makes him make this decision. Several forms of propaganda were used during the war, such as posters, comic books and videos.

Posters used in public areas, including schools, which suggests the possibility of propaganda posters in Devon. Comic books with stories such as Captain America beating up Hitler were sold.

“A Separate Peace” Literary Analysis 1,2,3 Essay

Videos included animations. For example, there was one animation with Donald Duck paying taxes to support the allies. The video Leper sees must be one of the much propaganda used. Furthermore, because the U. This is shown when Gene visits Leper, and Gene is shocked to see the true image of war given by Leper.

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The novel ends its story in summer , when Gene and Brinker both enlist. The two sixteen year olds attend Devon School, a private all boys' school, in New Hampshire Better Essays words 3. In the process of Gene therapy, a defective gene copy is repaired by transmitting therapeutic gene copy into those cells of an individual. So thereby, a faulty gene could be replaced or a medical condition may be corrected by introducing a new gene. Gene therapy has a promising future as it is powerful enough to treat many genetic conditions and also other deathly disease like AIDS, cancer etc.

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Though the potential of "gene therapy" is realized and recognized, it remains still on an experimental level and needs to worked on before accepting as the best solution Better Essays words 3 pages. An exploration of these types of statements often leads one to search for an error in one of the premises through various factors such as vagueness or semantic wording to rid of the false conclusion altogether.

Holden Gowan is an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a plan to major in chemistry with a focus in biochemistry Introduction Imagine living in a world where diseases like hemophilia, cancer, cystic fibrosis, and AIDS did not exist. This particular world might not be as far away as one might think due to a relatively new type of treatment known as gene therapy The transfer may be in somatic or germline cells and may take place in vivo or in vitro.

The DNA may be inserted in a retrovirus, adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, herpes simplex virus, or liposome, or it may be naked DNA. Better Essays words 5.

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Gene Forrester Essay. Suddenly, the most promising athlete on campus will be lucky if he ever walks again. When Finny returns to school, the two continue their friendship as Gene grapples with his conscience. Disturbed and upset, Finny storms out of the makeshift courtroom and, unsteady on his cane, falls down the long, marble staircase outside.

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The boys summon the doctor, who takes Finny to the infirmary and confirms that he has rebroken his leg. However, it is a clean break this time and should be simple to repair. Gene approaches Finny in his hospital bed, and although Finny is angry at first, he finally understands that Gene acted impulsively and forgives him. Finny is dead.

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At the end of the school year, Brinker and Gene prepare to join the Coast Guard and the Navy respectively.