My best teacher essay in english for 7th class

She teaches poetry in her musical voice. All the students in the class are spellbound. She has a keen interest in sports also.

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She takes us for outdoor picnics and educational tours. She is a good player of badminton and table tennis. She is always active and alert. She inspires students to take part in games because she believes that there lies a sound mind in a sound body.

She is a source of great motivation to her colleagues as well. The minds of students are like clean states a good teacher fills the mind of students with good ideas and moral values. Moreover, a good teacher can easily mould the character of a student, because most students learn good or bad things from the teacher.

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Teachers can make or mar the lives of their students by giving them good or bad instructions. The best teacher devoted to his subject. He prepares himself well for teaching his students. A good teacher takes extra pains to keep herself well informed about the latest development in her subject. A good teacher always ready to share knowledge with others. My English Teacher always follows good teaching methods to teach the students in the class.

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  4. My teacher daily practice of exercises to the students in the classroom. My Teacher has the habit to ask questions next day in the classroom related to the topic. A good teacher builds us good ethics moral values, etiquettes, and strong character. So no one can neglect the role and importance of the teacher in the classroom.

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    I will like to share it with the following residents and homebuyers of the following condo projects in Singapore:. My favorite teacher is My English teacher Rohit sir because she is so kind than other teachers.

    The teachers who inspired us, and even changed the trajectories of our lives

    And too friendly. She is also a beautiful teacher.

    We can say any secrets to her bcoz I can trust her. She also likes me very much. She teaches nicely and makes the class fun.

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    4. But other teachers just teaches. She also helps us to clear our doubts and help in homework too especially grammar. Essence Studios a creative explainer video production company. We are one of the Best video Animation Companies offers end to end solutions. Young Post covers the latest news, views and stories on Hong Kong students, school life, sport and local education, as well as keeping tabs on what's hot and what's not. Who is your favourite teacher and why?

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