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What are the Elements of an Argumentative Essay? Position: After being assigned a topic or choosing one for your assignment, you should make a claim. Reasons: Why should people believe you? Evidence: Support your claims with academically accepted pieces of evidence. Counterargument: While reading your essay, readers will have questions.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay? Introduction: This is where you present your topic and position. Body: The body of your article should include 2 or 3 supporting paragraphs. Conclusion: The essay should end with a sound conclusion that summarizes the entire argument. Examples of Argumentative Essays: There are plenty of intriguing argumentative essay topics to create an interesting piece of writing. Here are some examples and ideas to consider for your upcoming assignment: Internet Access Should be Limited to Students: We currently live in an Internet-based world.

Cloning Should Be Prohibited: Genetic engineering opens up doors to unbelievable possibilities.