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From this structure, relationships are formed with grassroots community members, local and regional policy makers, parents, teachers, schools, local merchants, farmers, city planners, local law enforcement, and local businesses.

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Their mutual goal is to create sustainable regional and community infrastructures that support physical activity and healthy eating. Table 3. Public health outcomes in these counties are worse than in the others in California and in the United States as a CCROPP has established partnerships with public health departments, community organizations, and grassroots leaders. CCROP uses a regional model of environmental and policy change.

The areas of intervention by CCROPP include community access to healthy foods, school foods and beverages, and the built environment. The details community support can be seen in table 4. Table 4. They have become powerful advocates of healthy food and built environments on the local and regional level. From the community level, information moved to the regional level, which then had the power to influence state policy, and possibly federal policy.

CCROPP became self-sustaining after the funding and the initiative ended and remains a vibrant powerful program. In the same year, the U.

Obesity In Childhood And Prevention Of Childhood Obesity Essay

Department of Agriculture updated the national nutrition standards for school meals and required implementation during the school year. These standards require schools to offer more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products and low-fat or fat-free milk. Since these updated standards went into place, more elementary are serving more healthy foods and fewer unhealthy foods in their lunches Turner, et al.

The In , Hart Research Associates and Ferguson Research trust conducted surveys targeting parents who had children in elementary school. Their findings show that parents support the U. Table 4 shows the survey results. Table 5 Parental Opinion of School Foods, It is encouraging to report that childhood obesity rates have stopped growing, but this is only the first step. Childhood obesity remains a national epidemic and a public health crisis. Policy leadership from the community, state, and federal level should acknowledge and support the community-driven efforts to prevent childhood obesity.

When designing policy, local, state, and federal governments should consider creative uses of financial incentives as a key tool to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity in the United States. Health promotion programs, modifiable health risks, and employee absenteeism. Journal of Occupational Environmental Medicine, 43 1 , Alfonzo, M. Walking, obesity and urban design in Chinese neighborhoods. Journal of Preventive Medicine 69, ss Appleby, J. Ailing GM looks to scale back generous health benefits. USA Today. Anderson, D. The relationship between modifiable health risks and group- level health care expenditures.

American Journal of Health Promotion, 15 1 , Babey, S. A patchwork of progress. Changes in overweight and obesity among California 5th , 7th , and 9th graders, Bengiamin, M. Briefel, R. Consumption of low- nutrient,energy-dense foods and beverages at school, home, and other locations among school lunch participants and nonparticipants. The medical care costs of obesity: An instru- mental variables approach.

The Journal of Health Economics, 31 1 , CDC Childhood obesity facts prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States, Retrieved February, 5, CDC.

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Retrieved February 12, Chapman, L. Presenteeism and its role in worksite health promotion. American Journal of Health Promotion, 19 4 , Chatterjee, A.

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Childhood Obesity in the United States Essay

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Combating the childhood obesity crisis: After school programs, The socioecological model, and the health behaviors initiative. Three case Studies.

Literature Review: Childhood Obesity in the African American Families - Term Paper Example

Flores, G. Factors predicting severe childhood obesity in kindergarteners. International Journal of Obesity, 37 1 , Fontaine K. Years of life lost due to obesity. Journal of the American Medical Association, 2 — Freedman D. Pediatrics, 1 , Freedman, D. Srinivasan S. Racial differences in the tracking of childhood BMI to adulthood.

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Taking physical activity and physical education to school. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, Kasman, M.

Literature Review: Childhood Obesity in the African American Families Term Paper

An in-depth look at the economic cost of obesity. Brookings Institution, Keener, D. Recommended Community strategies and measurements to prevent obesity in the United States: implementation and measurement guide.